How do I obtain an absentee/vote by mail ballot?

In Massachusetts, absentee voting is available in all elections, while early voting is only in certain elections. The two systems overlap in several ways, but the most important difference is that absentee voters must have an excuse, while there is no excuse needed in order to vote early. For more information please visit Secretary of Commonwealth Elections Division.

An individual may request an application for an absentee ballot if unable to vote at the polls on election day due to his/her absence from the Town during the hours the polls will be open, or due to physical disabilities or religious beliefs. Absentee and early Vote by Mail ballots must be requested in writing at least 4 business days before Election Day. For additional information or an application form, visit the Town Clerk's Office or call 781-585-0502. Or you may download for yourself or on behalf of a Family Member forms here:

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1. How do I obtain an absentee/vote by mail ballot?
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