Pamphlet Collections

The pamphlet collections contain papers, diaries, correspondence, etc. of organizations relating to Kingston history in some manner. These links will bring you to a PDF file of the finding aid (not all finding aids are posted on this site. Finding aids for each collection are available at the Local History Room and the Reference Desk)

PC1. Early American Imprints 1 box (5 linear inches) For decades, the collection of Early American Imprints has served as the definitive resource of information about every aspect of life in 17th- and 18th-century America, from agriculture and auctions to foreign affairs, diplomacy, literature, music, religion, the Revolutionary War, slavery, temperance, witchcraft and just about any other topic imaginable.

PC2. Sermons, Discourses, and Public Addresses: 1745 to 1901 (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) Throughout the history of the Local History Room, a number of miscellaneous pamphlets have been donated. These pamphlets cover a wide range of topics and are examples of the ongoing discourses that affected Kingston and her residents. The documents within this Collection are bound sermons, discourses, or addresses to the public. A majority of the pamphlets are religious in tone and structure. A number of the sermons were delivered at funerals of notable persons or as an act of celebration (of or at a particular event). "A Sermon on the Moral Aspect of the Kingston Tragedy" delivered by Rev.T.M. Merriman, is one of the more interesting sermons in the collection, as it discusses the murder of Cornelius Holmes on May 26, 1868, by December Samuel M. Andrews.

PC3. The Quill, The Memory Chest, The Independence: Kingston High School Publications (PDF) 3 boxes (15 linear inches) The Quill (circa1924 to circa 1931), The Memory Chest (1934-1937), and The Independence (1937-1955) are yearbooks and writing journals that were published by Kingston High School and its students, serving as the authors and editors. Some issues featured literary and news content, while others served specifically as high school yearbooks.

PC4. Persons listed by the Board of Registrars in the Town of Kingston: Street Lists 1958, 1962 to present (PDF) 2 boxes (10 linear inches) This Collection in the Local History Room is not complete, as 1954 to 1956, 1958, and 1981 are missing. Available volumes cover the years: 1952-1953, 1957, 1959 to 1980, 1982 and onward.

PC5. Kingston Town Anniversaries (PDF) 10 boxes (72.5 linear inches) Many items within this Collection focus on the planning and actual Town Anniversary celebrations for Kingston, including three scrapbooks containing clippings, photographs, etc. documenting the 275th Town Anniversary.

Anniversary publications within this Collection include Civic Progress of Kingston and A History of Her Industries. The book provides an extensive look at Kingston's history from its founding up until 1926. There are approximately 63 photographs, depicting the Town of Kingston buildings and residents. The monograph also contains a map that notes homes of early notable residents and of industrial mills.

PC6. Kingston Baptist Church and Kingston Federated Church Assorted Papers (PDF) 1 Box (3 linear inches) This collection includes programs, newsletters, and announcements of both the Kingston Baptist Church and the Kingston Federated Church. Items in the Collection include historical sketches of the Church, Church programs, and Church newsletters.

PC7. Classified Catalogues of the Frederic C. Adams Public Library, 1901 to 1909 (PDF) 2 boxes (10 linear inches) The Catalogue of 1901 contains a listing of the Board of Trustees (1901), a preface (containing a brief history of the Library), an explanation of the classification system, rules and regulations, a list of contents, and the catalog.

PC8. Invitations and Calling Cards, 1857-1940 (PDF) 1 Box (3 linear inches) The invitations in the Collection are gathered from notable Kingston residents, including many from the Adams family. The Collection contains both invitations and calling cards. The invitations in the Collection are primarily wedding invitations or party invitations. The Collection ranges from July 23, 1857 - June 7, 1940.

PC9. Rocky Nook School Publication: The Leaflet, 1872 to 1875 (PDF) 1 Box (3 linear inches) The Leaflet appears to have been produced as a student literary magazine, with brief essays being contributed by Rocky Nook students on topics such as "winter," "fish," "birds," "minerals," "Boston," "United States," etc. The last essay in each issue was by Emily Spring (the teacher and presumed editor). Each issue was produced on stationary-grade paper. The essays were handwritten. Several different hands are noted, and accordingly, it's reasonable to suppose that each student penned his own essay. Presumably, only one copy of each issue was produced.

PC10. Kingston Historical Commission Comprehensive Historic and Architectural Resource Survey: 1997 to 1998 (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) In 1997 - 1998, the Kingston Historical Commission funded a complete comprehensive survey of the Town's historic and architectural resources. The survey provided the Town of Kingston with data to allow effective and consistent historic preservation planning and review of projects that require town permits, funding, or approvals, and to help the town establish local historic districts and to identify buildings and districts eligible for National Register. This survey was completed by the Massachusetts Historical Commission and covered a number of properties in Kingston.

PC11. Town of Kingston Annual Reports: 1859 to 1950 (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) The Town Annual Reports are bound reports by the school committee, the treasurer, the library, and the town listing taxes, financial support of town services, marriages, births, deaths, etc. The Town of Kingston has produced a report each year since1859.

PC12. Kingston Schools (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) This Collection primarily contains notes written on the history of Kingston's school system, school building, and students. The Collection does not contain any images: please see the image collection finding aid for images of Kingston's schools.

PC13. Plymouth Products Plymouth Cordage Company Catalogs, 1908 to 1929 (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) Published by Plymouth Cordage Company, each Plymouth Products catalog discussed the cordage products produced by the company and how the products were used worldwide. Each issue contains a number of stories and photographs that provide insight to local and worldwide happenings. Also of note in each catalog, a listing is provided of Plymouth Rope distributors.

PC14. Kingston Water Department Papers (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) This Collection contains material that supports the existence of the water system as run by the Town of Kingston. Particular items of note include Water Department minutes and the original copies of petitions and reports submitted by the Water Department Committee to the Town.

PC15. Monk Tower Log Book 1941 to 1942 (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) During WWII, Kingston residents volunteered to stand guard in Monk Tower, on Monk's Hill in Kingston, to keep watch over Kingston Bay for any suspicious activity. The logbook, which covers from December 8, 1941 to January 1, 1943, contains information observed and recorded by Kingston residents on their (typically) three-hour watches. Most of the information recorded relates to the weather, though some entries do document incoming and outgoing air and sea craft. The logbook may also be of interest as it contains numerous original signatures of Kingston residents.

PC16. Architectural Assessment of the Frederic C. Adams Building, 2001 (PDF) 1 box (3linear inches) The Frederic C. Adams building is a Colonial Revival building designed by Joseph Everett Chandler, in 1898 and served as Kingston's first public library. In 1994 the library moved across the street, leaving the Frederic C. Adam building vacant. The Town Selectmen then appointed a committee whose goals include renovating the building into a Heritage Center. The document in this Collection is a direct result of their efforts. The document's focus is as follows: The Town of Kingston retained Turk Tracey and Larry Architects, LLC in May 2001 to prepare a Conditions Assessment and Feasibility Study for Universal Accessibility. The report is to serve as a comprehensive document that can be used by the town to help guide repairs, accommodation of accessibility requirements, and future maintenance of the structure.

PC17. First Parish (Unitarian) Church Collection (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) This Collection contains information that explores the history and development of the First Parish Church into the Unitarian Church of Kingston. Of particular note in this Collection are historical sketches, early records of the Church, and excerpts from the diary of local resident Hannah Adams, which specifically focus on the daily operations and on goings in the Parish.

PC18. Kingston Finance Reports and Records: 1927 to 1961 (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) This collection contains Reports of the Finance Committee of the Town of Kingston from the following years: 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1961. Also contained within this collection is a 1958 budget regarding bonds and interest and a 1958 Finance Committee document on establishing a tax rate.

PC19. Newspaper Collections (PDF) 1 box (13 linear inches) The following newspapers are available in either hard copy, or on microfilm:

  • Kingston Reporter 1984 - present
  • Kingston Mariner 1998 to closing
  • The Kingston Observer 1987 - 1992 and 2002 - closing
  • The Kingston Voice and Journal Opinion 1976 - 1981
  • The Independent 1978 - 1981
  • The Independent Voice 1981, 1984 -1986

PC20. Documents relating to Kingston and its residents, 1734 to 1903 (PDF) 2 boxes (6 linear inches) This collection contains documents such as deeds, bills of sale, correspondence, land plans, receipts, tax bills, and indentures of Kingston residents between the years of 1734-1903. This Collection came together as a result of miscellaneous documents, of undetermined provenance, needing to be housed and indexed. The only relationships that the documents in this Collection have are that they each relate to Kingston and its residents in some manner. Item Listing for PC20 (PDF)

PC21. Assessors Records 1761 to 1949, 2001 to 2010 (PDF) 47 boxes (781 linear inches) Series 1 of this collection contains Assessors Valuation Lists. These lists document property valuations by Kingston Assessors from 1761 to 1949 and 2001 to 2010. Lists for 1762, 1764-67, 1769, 1772, 1774, 1776 to 77, 1785, 1787, 1804, 1806, 1936 through 1945, 1950 through 2000, 2002 through 2006, and 2008-09 are missing. Each list records in grid format the taxpayer, number of polls, poll tax, valuation of real property - sometimes divided into improved and unimproved - and valuation of personal property. Series 2 of this collection contains small ledgers called "commitment books," completed annually from 1858 to 1927, that list Kingston tax-payers and their account details. Generally, each account lists the number of polls (adult male voters), the poll tax due, personal property tax due, real estate tax due, total tax due, and the date the tax was paid. Interest and abatements are included when these adjustments were made.

Part of this collection is stored offsite and requires 24-hour notice for use. To request an appointment, email the Archivist or call 781-585-0517, ext. 6277.

PC22. The New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railway Company - Central New England Railway Company (Old Colony Railway) (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) The New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railway Company leased the Old Colony Railway in 1893. Previously local businessmen had established the Old Colony Railway in 1845. The Railway consists of 37 miles of track from Plymouth to Boston. The Railway operated until the construction /opening of Route 3, which lead to the downfall of the Railway in 1959. The Collection contains miscellaneous receipts, passenger logs, ephemera, etc… dating from 1896 to 1918.

PC23. Jones River Collection (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) This Collection contains information about the history of and the preservation of the Jones River. Material relating to shipbuilding, mills, and other specific enterprises is not found in this Collection.

PC24. Kingston Evergreen Cemetery Association (PDF) 13 boxes (65 linear inches) The Evergreen Cemetery Collection consists of records of lots sold and burials, as well as other business related to Cemetery operations. The series of 49 photographs, taken in 1916, provides views of the grounds in great detail. Map of Cemetery Lot Numbers (PDF)

PC25. George W Cushman Collection (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) This Collection focuses on pamphlets collected by Cushman throughout his lifetime. The pamphlets within the Collection focus on and are separated by town events, town fairs (and Old Home Days), and events with the high school and town government.

PC27. Bay Farm Collection 1930 to 1950 (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) This Collection contains images of Bay Farm in the early-mid twentieth century. Of particular interest is the pamphlet Bay Farm Certified Milk and Certified Cream, which explains the process of certifying the dairy products produced by the Farm and a map drawn by Robert Santheson, grandson of Carl Johan Santheson of Bay Farm's layout during 1930 to 1950.

PC28. Grand Army Republic Martha Sever Post Number 154 Collection (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) Of interest in this Collection are listings of Veterans' graves located in Kingston. The article, Last of GAR, also provides unique insight into the final days of the chapter. Note: For additional information on Kingston GAR members, please see the Atwood Family vertical file. Also of note may be lanternslides Number 212 - Martha Sever Post GAR and Number 261 Martha Sever.

PC29. Kingston Historical Commission Collection, 1973 to present (PDF) 3 box (9 linear inches) This Collection focuses on the forms, photographs and general data that have been collected by the Kingston Historical Commission since its conception. The material in this Collection has been added to the Local History Room House History Project. Note: For additional information on the Kingston Historical Commission survey please see Kingston Historical Commission Comprehensive Historic and Architectural Resource Survey: 1997-1998 (Local History Room Pamphlet Collection, PC-10.)

PC30. Town House Chatter Collection 1974 to 1983 (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) The newsletters found in this Collection mainly contain information on upcoming town events. The newsletters also contain information on active Kingston residents and may be used as a source in studying the growth and development of various town departments.

PC31. Kingston Civil Defense Collection 1950 to present (PDF) 1 box (3 linear inches) This Collection focuses mainly on images of the old Maple Avenue Schoolhouse (located on Maple Avenue) and its renovation into Town Civil Defense offices in 1988.

PC32. Kingston Fire Department Collection 1887 to present (PDF) 7 boxes (59 linear inches*note: Collection is housed in part at the Fire Department) This Collection contains the early records of the Kingston Fire Department, including minutes of the three Hose Companies (the Surprise Hose Company Number 1, the Governor Bradford Hose Company Number 2, and the Pocanoket Hose Company Number 3). These minutes are valuable as they contain information on the early development of the Department. In addition to the minutes, this Collection also includes 2,501 photographs.

The photographs document Department members, equipment, and the Department in action battling fires. Additional photographs in the Collection document the participation of the Kingston Fire Department in local musters (the Kingston Department muster team being formed in 1981 and called the 'hosebusters') and parades. Photographs in the year 1987 also include the Department's 100th Anniversary parade and muster.

PC33. Kingston Police Department Collection, bulk dates 1931 to 1948 2 boxes and binder (10 linear inches) - this Collection is not yet open to the public (5/2005)

PC34. Kingston Schoolbook Collection, bulk dates 1847 to 1888 (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) This Collection contains schoolbooks from 1847 to 1888 that were used in Kingston schools as textbooks. Kingston residents such as Mary Drew, M. E Cole, George W McSanthlan, Lottie A. Russell, Waldo S Cole and Hattie Cook inscribe some of the books

PC35. Almanacs, 1760 to 1845 1 box (3 linear inches) This Collection contains New England-based almanacs.

PC36. Poetry (PDF) 1 box (5 linear inches) This Collection of poetry came together as a result of miscellaneous documents, of undetermined provenance, needing to be housed and indexed. The only relationships that these documents have are that they each in some way can be classified as poetry and many of those who wrote them were either Kingston residents or summer residents. The majority of the poems seemed to have been written during the late 1800s to through the 1920s.

PC37. Journals of the Honorable House of Representatives (PDF) 4 boxes (20 linear inches) This Collection was found in the attic of the old Town House on Green Street. The journals were read in order to discover information directly relevant to Kingston. Items of general interest in State and National history were also noted. These notes are included in the finding aid under each journal listing. They are to be used as examples of what each issue contains and are by no means meant to be a complete reflection of the content within each journal.

PC38. First Parish Church Women's Alliance Collection (PDF) 8 boxes (45 linear inches) This Collection contains meeting minutes and programs which provide a history of the Alliance. Minutes often include membership lists and annual reports. Books of expenditures also may include member lists. Of note in this collection are the photographs, including one of the Second Meeting House and a notebook containing autographs of notable abolitionists including autographs and inscriptions of William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas.

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