Mooring List

Mooring List - Applications available at Harbormaster Shack.  Call in advance for appointment.  Office hours are seasonal.


A. Applications and Permits

Residents and Real Estate taxpayers will be given preference to all Slips, Racks and Moorings.

  1. Applications for moorings in Kingston Harbor and Waterways shall be submitted and paid to the Harbormaster on forms approved by the Harbormaster prior to May 1st, but no earlier than January1st of each year.
  2. Moorings shall be assigned by the Harbormaster according to the specific requirements of the particular boat, including its length, draft, type, rig, or other pertinent specification.
  3. All moorings shall be placed at the location designated by the Harbormaster. (Private and Town owned.)
  4. A Town owned mooring/slip/rack is not transferable under any circumstances except to the permit/mooring applicant holder’s immediate family (e.g., spouse, partner, children) upon the completion of a Permit Transfer Form and approval of the Harbormaster.
  5. A slip, rack or mooring (including private moorings) location is deemed forfeited/abandoned without payment of all fees by May 15th.
  6. The Harbor Master may require moorings within the Jones River and its delta to be Town of Kingston owned. An additional gear-lease fee may be assessed for Town owned moorings, racks, and slips as determined by the Harbormaster and approved by the Board of Selectmen.
  7. Mooring locations are subject to change at the discretion of the Harbormaster (town-owned and private moorings).
  8. Valid Town of Kingston Decal must be affixed to transom. Any boats on Town-owned slips, racks or moorings without a valid Town of Kingston decal will be towed at the owner’s expense by a commercial marine tow company.

B. Private Moorings:

  1. Private moorings must be ordered and installed by an Authorized Mooring Service Provider (see approved list on own website) or at the discretion of the Harbormaster.
     Mooring Applicant (owner) completes Mooring Permit Application and pays fees per Appendix A. 
     Authorized Mooring Service Provider will order/install appropriate mooring in accordance with Appendix B and in the location designated by the Harbormaster.
     Mooring ball must be marked with owner’s last name.
  2. A private mooring may be transferred at the discretion of the Harbormaster. The current owner must complete and submit a Private Mooring Ownership Transfer Form to the Harbormaster prior to transfer of ownership. The new owner may not increase the size of the boat on the mooring without prior approval from the Harbormaster. Any transfer of moorings shall not exceed the replacement value of the equipment or mooring.
  3. Private moorings must be owner occupied or have an approved Private Mooring Temporary Change Form.
  4. Private moorings may be owner serviced with prior approval from the Harbormaster and inspection after work is completed by the Harbormaster.
  5. Mooring locations are subject to change at the discretion of the Harbormaster.
  6. Forfeited/abandoned private moorings will be given to the next person on the private mooring waiting list at the discretion of the Harbormaster (based on boat specifications).

C. Mooring Specifications/Requirements:           

See Appendix B - Harbor & Waterways Regulations - see Appendix A