Electronic Billing is now available to Kingston taxpayers through our third-party billing vendor. 

This service gives Residents the option to receive their Real Estate, Motor Vehicle Excise and Water Bills through City Hall Systems, a long-time billing vendor with the Town. 

Create a SECURE account on City Hall Systems:  Instructions  After you’ve created an account and linked your bills, you may opt to:

  • Receive your bills electronically ONLY or 
  • Continue to get paper bills MAILED to you & also receive a copy of your bill in your email in box. 

It’s important to note that ANY & ALL changes to your billing method are driven by you, the taxpayer. The Town or our vendor will never make any changes to your delivery method. 

As always, you can call the Collector’s office at 781-585-0507 for further information.

Residents can pay the following bills online:

  • Farm/Repair and Dealer Plate Fee Bills
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bills
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bills
  • Water Bills

Paying online is not available after due dates have passed. Payments will then have to be mailed to:
Collector of Taxes
P.O. Box 900
Kingston, MA 02364

Note: Should an error occur as a result of how you typed your account number, and the bank cannot process your payment - a chargeback amount of $30 (administrative cost) will be charged to your Water, Excise, Real Estate, or Personal Property tax account.

Using Online Payment Services

To use online payment services, you'll need:

  • Credit or debit card
  • If paying by check, routing, and account number
  • Your bill number (tax/utility payments)

It's convenient, fast, secure!

Real Estate & Personal Property Tax Billing

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Billing will be mailed two times a year instead of four times a year (as of July 2009):

July Tax Billing has two receipts:

  • One receipt for first-quarter taxes due on or about August 1st
  • One receipt for second-quarter taxes due on or about November 1st

January Tax Billing has two receipts:

  • One receipt for fourth quarter taxes due on or about May 1st
  • One receipt for third-quarter taxes due on or about February 1st

Water / Sewer Bills

Water/Sewer Bills will be mailed four times a year:

  • December Bills: for the months of August, September, and October, are due in January
  • March Bills: for the months of November, December and January, are due in April
  • June Bills: for the months of February, March, and April, are due in July
  • September Bills: for the months of May, June, and July, are due in October

Bills generally are mailed around the 10th of the month and are due 30 days later.

Due Dates

Motor Vehicle Excise Bills, and Farm, Repair, and Dealer Plate Fee Bills are due thirty days from issue date. Please use care in typing the bill number, excise type you are paying, and the year (in bold print) on the bill.