Kingston Emergency Management Agency (KEMA)

Mission Statement

To foster, promote and implement an emergency management system that protects the citizens of the Town of Kingston from the effects of emergencies and disasters.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Kingston Emergency Management Agency (KEMA) is a volunteer organization dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Kingston. In addition to Fire and Police officials, the Selectmen, Streets/Trees and Parks, Harbormaster, Health, and School Departments are represented at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) along with approximately 35 civilian participants from Kingston and surrounding communities.

Primary Responsibility

In accordance with Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency regulations, KEMA's primary responsibility is to provide professional mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery services to the Town of Kingston.

Additional Responsibilities

  • To develop a well-organized and professional volunteer staff who will assume their respective Emergency Management positions in a competent manner and also work efficiently in a group environment
  • To provide ample radiological training and refresher training to all volunteers/members of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) including various types of drills and exercises which may also be readily applied to other types of disasters/emergencies
  • To provide sufficient radiological training on an annual basis to elected officials, schools, day care centers/preschools and various health facilities
  • To provide annual National Incident Management System (NIMS) training to EOC volunteers/members and to several town departments
  • To inform citizens in conjunction with MEMA about actions to be taken before, during and after a disaster or an emergency.
  • To coordinate response and recovery activities during a disaster or an emergency
  • To monitor and manage emergency resources
  • To educate the citizens of Kingston in regard to all types of disasters and emergencies by providing both pertinent information on the website and relevant materials at the Emergency Operations Center and Kingston Public Library update and revise the Radiological Plan/Implementing Procedures and the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan on an annual basis
  • To encourage citizens to examine the Radiological Plan/Implementing Procedures and the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan which are located at the Emergency Operations Center and the Kingston Public Library
  • To join with the Health Agent and the Board of Health in effectively preparing for a pandemic
  • To cooperate with local agencies in developing regional plans

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