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Our Mission

To enhance, educate, and promote animal safety and welfare within the community through compassion, respect, and kindness.

Duties & Responsibilities

Animal Control Officers (ACO's) are responsible for enforcing state and local laws pertaining to the keeping of domestic animals for the purpose of protecting public safety, property, and ensuring animal welfare, in accordance with MGL Chapter 140, Section 155.

Important Shelter News

  • The Wet Nose Pet Food Bank is open to the public to assist those in need with feeding their beloved pets. Please contact us to arrange pick up or (local) delivery of pet food items. 
  • REMINDER 2024 dog licenses are now available at the Town Clerk's Office. Please contact Animal Control or Town Clerk for questions regarding dog licenses. Any dog not licensed by March 15th, will be subject to fines by Animal Control in accordance with state and local by-laws. 


  • Leash Law  violation penalties: $50 1st offense, $75 2nd offense, $150 3rd & subsequent offenses in accordance with local by-laws.
  • Animals surrendered to the shelter: sliding scale fee of $25-$100 based on animals health and condition.
  • Animals impounded by Animal Control: $50 per animal per day.
  • Adoption fees: Kittens: $125, Cats $150, Dogs$375. We offer Sr. Citizen, Military Families, and First Responder discount. Contact the shelter for more information.